Area:  2695 км²  Population: 132000

Administrative center: Ijevan

Sights: Goshavank, Haghartsin and Makaravank monasteries, Tavush Fortress, Jukhtak monastery, Matosavank, lastiver.

Distance from Yerevan to Ijevan: 135 km

Geography: Lake Parz, Lake Gosh, Dilijan National Park, Dendropark in Ijevan.

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Tavush is located at the northeast of Armenia. The main territory is mountainous and rocky, hillsides covered with a green carpet of Alpine meadows. Tavush is sometimes referred to as a little Armenian Switzerland. The average height of the region is around 900 meters above sea level. Tavush is also rich for its mountain springs, mineral water and small lakes such as the Lake Parz and Lake Gosh.

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Lake Gosh

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