Area: 3798 km² Population 228 000

Administrative center: Vanadzor

Sights: Monasteries Haghpat and Sanahin, Akhtala church, Kobayr, Loriberd, Odzun monastery, Dsegh village.

Distance from Yerevan to Vanadzor: 135 km

Geography: Dendropark in Stepanavan, Debed river.

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Dsegh village

Lori is located in the north of the country, bordering Georgia. Lori is a mountainous region, dominated by the ranges of Javakheti, Bazum, Pambak, Gugark, Halab and Somkheti. The highets point of the province is Mount Achkasar. The main river is Debed with its tributaries Dzoraget, Pambak and Martsaget. The Monasteries Haghpat and Sanahin are a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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