Area: 2753 km²  Population: 131 700

Administrative center: Ashtarak

Sights: Byurakan observatory, Cyclopean Fortress, Lake Kari, Amberd Fortress, Tegher Monastery, Tomb of the Armenian kings IV century.

Distance from Yerevan to Ashtarak: 20 km

Geography: Mount Aragats (4090m), Tsakhkasar (2219 m), Irind (2050 m), Arteni (2047m) are extinct volcanoes. Kasagh and Gegharot are the main rivers in the province.

Արագածոտնի մարզ - Arteni_Volcano2

Arteni volcano

Aragatsotn region is located at the western part of the country. The northern part of the province is dominated by the Aragats mountain range. At the northeast and the east, it approximates the mountains of Pambak and Tsaghkunyats respectively. Mount Aragats (4090 m.) is the highest peak of Aragatsotn and the Republic of Armenia. Aragatsotn is a major centre for ecotourism and the lovers of extreme tourism.

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Lake Kari